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  YSE enterprise culture is unparalleled: not just saying, but more reflected in business operations, staff actions and their ways of thinking.


  "Safety for life”.

   We assume responsibility for the lives for those who use our products to protect their health and life security. For this reason,we build the severe Quality Tracking System and Issue Quality Punishment System. We work hard to willing everything we do goes toward exceeding people’s expectations. As we often say at YSE, we make the world safer.

  "Technology for quality”.

   YSE aware of the power of technology, sustained develops innovative equipments, innovates one-stop solution PPE products.


  "Listening to customers”.

   What our customers really need? How can we outstanding support them? The answers to these questions depending on whether we truly listen to our customers or understand their needs and objectives. For many years, YSE stay in intimate relationship with our customers, our partners, who provide us plenty valued ideas for products, service and improvements.